What is CPA ?

What is CPA ?


What is CPA?

Simply it is another important concept of earning money, so instead of the traditional way of affiliate which depends on making sales (i mean the affiliate networks) this method has originated to give the affiliates more power and make the marketer having more options.what is cpa

As a definition CPA stands for Cost Per Action (or Acquisition)  so you can earn money by making your visitors doing some actions like signing up forms or making download…etc, and not only by making a sale.

CPA has low risk for the vendors as they will pay only if some action happened and not according to the impressions or the clicks.


Using this way is not difficult at all, all you have to do is choosing one of those CPA programs (see article: Types of affiliate programs) and then sign up.

You will find that signing up to CPA programs is little harder than affiliate networks as they want to be sure that you are real affiliate marketer and not spammer, but don´t worry as there is nothing to be afraid from, you need them as much as they need you.

What i meant by harder is it requires some more informations about you and about your experience as an affiliate marketer, after that they will study your informations and then often make a phone interview with you.


My tips for you to be accepted in CPA programs is to:

1 – Have a website for you (if you don´t have one yet) and through this site you can show yourself as a good or expert marketer, the niche of your site is also important to be able to choose the products to promote.

2 – When you sign up use your website email( yourname@yourdomain.com) and don´t use a free email.

3 – Be honest when giving your information through signing up or the call interview even if this make you denied by some of these programs (anyway you can develop your self and add for them later).

After you get approved you will be able to choose products which match your site, it is almost similar to affiliate networks way but you will adapt different strategies here.

Here are some tips to distinguish the good CPA programs  which are:

a – Commissions over $1: to make your efforts profitable don´t use the low paying programs like $0.30/action.

b – Zip Code offers: all you need to do here is making visitors to enter a zip code and you will get a commission for that, this is from the most profitable CPA methods.

c – Unrestricted  offers: as some of them have strict laws ,like: you can only promote by email (if you have mailing list so no problem you can use it), the idea is you should find offers which match your promoting methods or you can simply use ones with no-restrictions.

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