What are Keywords? (part 1/2)

What are Keywords? (part 1/2)


Keywords may consist of one word or more(phrase) and have two meanings:

For visitors we can call them Search words which they write in the search box of the search engines when looking for a specific topic.what are keywords?

But for website builders(or SEO managers) it is called Meta words and these words sets by them to focus on which words form the most important relative keys of the content for a specific post or page.


Keywords and SEO:

When we are talking about keywords in SEO we must mention that the importance of these words has decreased in the recent period (as Google crawlers decide now what are the relevant words themselves and don´t look at your meta keywords), in spite of that i recommend to take care about these meta words as there are some clues that they still have importance.

Please read my article: Top 4 on-page SEO factors and learn how to use keywords in building your SEO of your website.


Keywords and PPC:

It is another issue as keywords play the main role in this case.

In PPC marketing (Pay Per Click) everything starts from keywords.

As i referred before (in the article: Increasing Website Traffic) this way is very effective and used from affiliates as it saves time by starting your campaign soon without waiting your SEO results (which takes months or even years to be countable in getting reasonable traffic to your site).

When somebody wants to search for a certain topic he will write a relative word/s which we have called keyword/s and if this keyword was one of your chosen keywords when you build your campaign (e.g in Google adWords) so he will see your targeted page on the first page (if it was eligible as we will see later) and mostly he will make a click on it and then a possible sale may occurs!

This shows the role of keyword as a main key of PPC process, as it forms a junction between your targeted page (on your website) and between the possible visitor.

Clicking on your ads will, of course, costs you money and even you succeed in attracting visitors to your keywords and making them clicking on your page you must be sure that visitors will find what they are looking for and not being disappointed of what they are seeing as it is not always at getting visitors to your site but the point is what is the kind of these visitors and if they deserve the money you pay for attracting them?

I mean what if you earned $10 from a product but you paid  $12 for clicks!

Therefore it is essential to know how to choose the best keywords and the minimum profitable bidding when using PPC method.


This leads us to talk about Keywords Tools (read: How to use a Keyword Tool?), but first i want to give an idea about some terms which are very important to understand, this will enrich your knowledge about keywords in general.


Popular Keywords:

These words are so generic (like love, clothes, marketing…etc) but they have big fans i mean lot of people use them when what are keywords? looking for something.

Although many visitors may make clicks on the sites which contain these keywords but few of them will do the required action(like a


Long-tail Keywords:

They are those long keywords (phrases) which are more specific and clear that visitors use when they are almost ready-to-buy or doing an
action, in spite of each long-tail keyword is used rarely from visitors but the sum of these keywords forms more than 80% from the total keywords.


So the proper keywords is not finding the right keywords only, it has more comprehensive meaning as these words should also make a conversion at low costs otherwise cost will be more than profit.

I recommend strongly to read my article: My Best Keyword Tool: Long Tail Pro, as this tool will help you to get your best keywords.


These are the most influential factors that contribute to the proper Keyword:

1. Landing page: Should be optimized and relevant to the keyword.

2. Ads appearance: Should be attractive and compelling and preferably contains the keyword.

3. Campaign structure: This enable you to manage the ads you have and make better observing and drawing results.

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