Types of affiliate programs

Types of affiliate programs


An affiliate networks are not the only affiliate programs that you can use, as there are another types of affiliate programs which can make you a successful marketer.

types of affiliate programs

The fact is that not all products are profitable enough so you have to make good searching before you adapt an affiliate program which has the best products.

I recommend to have an idea about the other affiliate programs types first and then have a look at one or two programs from each type to know your options, then choose which one you prefer and start diving deeply in the products that are offered.


Here are the types of affiliate programs:


1- Affiliate networks:

Most of affiliate marketers are using these networks to choose their products and promote them.
There are many of affiliate networks on the net but the most well-known ones are:


Clickbank: clickBank.com
As a one of biggest affiliate networks i talked about it in details and mentioned its pros and cons, see article: Pros and Cons of Clickbank.


Commision Junction: cj.com
It is also big and trustworthy affiliate network and offers wide range of products, see article: Pros and Cons of Commission Junction.


Share a Sale: shareAsale.com

It is smaller than clickBank and Commission Junction but it has more than 3000 merchants, 1000 of them can´t be find in other affiliate networks, see article: Pros and Cons of ShareASale.


Rakuten Linkshare: linkShare.com

Amazon: amazon.com

To know more details about above network you can read: Best affiliate networks.


2- CPA Programs:

In these programs the payments depend on qualifying actions such as sale/lead, so you will receive a commission when this action are done,the action could be : filling a form or capturing email ..etc.

There are many programs that offer this affiliate method:

Max Bountry: maxBountry.com

Peerfly: peerfly.com

Click Booth: clickBoth.com

Never Blue: neverBlue.com

Convert 2 media: convert2media.com

Ads 4 Dough: ads4dough.com

You can read more about CPA here


3- Physical Product Programs:

Profit is not high like the digital products, so try to get a reasonable margin for each sale (between $30-50/product).

Best programs in this type is:

Amazon: amazon.com

Commission Junction : cj.com

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