Sign up and Register a domain name in HostGator

Sign up and Register a domain name in HostGator


As mentioned before in article: Best web hosting providers there are many web hosting companies which offer registering a domain name with different packages/plans, so you can make a look at each of them and decide what is suitable for you.

I recommend Hostgator as web hosting operator, simple using and excellent support, this is why i chose it as a sample of how can a man register a domain.

I will try to make this process very simple by explaining it step by step with lot of photos and less writing.

1. Click ( You can safely click the link and get the site in new window), you will have this photo:

register a domain name

2. Now click the “Web hosting” in the menu(top-left), as shown in the photo below:

register a domain name

3. You will now see three hosting plans available.

If you want to go into detail, you can click the “Compare all hosting plans” link(under each plan):

register a domain name

Shared SSL hosting means that your site will be shared with some different sites on the same server, this will not affect your site at all, so you can choose this option safely (in the future you can choose Private SSL which will cost more).

So after you decide your plan press “Order Now” and you will be taken to another page which includes a lot of information to be selected or filled.

We will begin by first blank box:

register a domain name

So if you have already registered for a domain (see: Choosing and registering a Domain Name) you can simply select “I already own this domain” and write it down with its proper extension(.com or .org …etc)

And if you didn`t have your domain yet so you can select “Register a new domain” and write any domain/name for your site and HostGator will check the availability of this name immediately.

Once you get your domain you can check carefully the next section.

register a domain name

If this matches with your needs so continue (you can change here the plan and the billing cycle by pressing on the arrows on the right).

Please note that more long cycle means less cost and vice versa.

then you should fill out the payment information section:

register a domain name



And then look at “Hosting Addons”:

register a domain name

You can keep your cost to a minimum by deselecting all of them, i recommend that you select at least first one “add site Lock”

For the second one and as it is described above, it makes daily backup to your site, so if you are afraid of losing your site content you can choose it OR you can make export for your pages and posts in WordPress each day and save some money(i have talked about this in How to install WordPress).

Anyway when your site become profitable i recommend strongly to select this addon.

Finally you get a summary of your total costs:

register a domain name

Check them, if everything is ok so select the box of terms and conditions and then click on “Create Account”

In few minutes you will get a messages in your mailbox, this message contains your account information and your link to your site C-Panel and your user name and password and DNS(domain Name server), keep these important message for further use.

Click on the link and you will be asked for user name and password:

register a domain name

Enter them and you will be taken to your C-panel page:

register a domain name


Congratulations, you have done it!



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