Pros and Cons of ShareASale

Pros and Cons of ShareASale


Before talking about Pros and cons of ShareASale i want to say that I Pros and Cons of ShareAsale

like this affiliate network for many reasons which i will mention ahead in Pros, in fact i have read many reviews about this network and few of them talked about the hard experience that the new affiliate will live when dealing with ShareASale, this made me hesitant as i was good with clickBank and CJ networks, but i wanted to check this myself.

When i registered and  logged in first time, i was impressed by the intensity of the beautiful design of the interface and
the simple way of using that you can learn yourself how to choose your target products in minutes.


I recommend you to register there and have a look, you will not lose anything as it is free.



1.  Lot of choices: Although this affiliate network is not huge like ClickBank but it offers many offers to choose from including more than 3800 merchants.

2.  Good Commission Rate: the commission rate starts from 10% and reach 30-40% so it is much better than Commission Junction affiliate network (and less than ClickBank rate).

3.  Unique products: There are more than 1000 unique merchants that are not existing in another affiliate networks,this give you more chances because of less competitors.

4.  Lot of products offer you two ways of earning money: The normal sale profit like other affiliate networks (you get your commission just when the visitor buy the product) and the CPA set so you can earn money when the visitor do an action (pay per click , pay per lead, pay per download…etc), i think this option is so important and makes ShareASale flying high among other affiliate networks, (if you want to know more about CPA please see my article: What is CPA?).

5.  Relative ease to join: You need to give some simple information about you/your website and wait 24 hour for approval or rejection, but meanwhile you can check the products (before you get a reply) so you can decide if this network is suitable for you soon.

6.  Monthly Payment: Every 20th of each month you get your payment through many ways you can choose (minimum amount to be transferred is $50).

7.  Professional dealing:  Which generates kind of trust and loyalty between merchants (publishers) and affiliates.

8.  Easy Comparison: It is useful when you find yourself in front of many offers and can´t decide which one is better in certain property, so ShareASale offers you key metrics to allow you narrow your options.



  Reporting Interface: This tool looks little tricky, i mean not easy to use like other affiliate networks, you may need some more time to be good at it.

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