Pros and Cons of Commission Junction

Pros and Cons of Commission Junction


I will write a short introduction before talking about the pros and cons of Commission Junction (or CJ as a acronym for Commission Junction).

CJ is a large network with over than 3000 merchants, it founded in 1998 and now it considers as one of the biggest affiliate networks.pros and cons of commission junction

What makes CJ unique is that its advertisers (merchants) have better quality so you can consider them more trustworthy (of course not 100%) but this affects negatively the profit as it becomes smaller.

In CJ world they call publishers as advertisers.



1.  As mentioned in the introduction: the merchants and the products are more trustworthy and well-known so you can find big companies offer their products here and the quality of the products are much higher than other affiliate networks (like ClickBank).

2.  Ease of acceptance: It is easy to be accepted at first time so no phone interviews.

3.  Reliability: This network is very trustworthy so you don´t have to worry about payments at all as you will get your cheques regularly and on time.

4.  A wide choice of products: According to its big volume and the number of merchants existing there, you can almost find something to work with whatever was your niche.

5.  Unique Reporting: With its unique free service “Reporting” you can find what you look for if you want to take more care of the optimising performance.

6.  Many types of links: you can find banners (in various forms), search boxes and products links.

7.  Deep Link Automation: It is new feature which offered by CJ so you can place a single line of javaScript (you will get this line and the instructions of placing it in your website´s header through your account) so any link refers to a CJ publisher´s domain (advertiser) will automatically be monetised.




1. Tricky Interface: although this may be the first impression but after a little time you will see it easy.

2.  Low Commission Rate: Especially when we compare with Clickbank network, but this is because the merchants in CJ are more reliable, my advice is to have a look at the both networks (cickbank and CJ) and you can observe products and rates …etc and decide which one offers the better product for your niche.

3. Customer Support: Although there is a support team to reply your questions by email only, but sometime you need more fastest way like phone call or online support.

4.  Declined Offers: You may be refused from some merchants for some reasons, and some products/offers requires time to be approved from the advertisers.

5.  Report tools are little tricky: In spite of it considers as an impressed tool but it needs little time to be aware of all its capabilities.

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