Pros and cons of Clickbank

Pros and cons of Clickbank


To know what is the pros and cons of Clickbank let´s see what is clickbank first.

Clickbank is probably the biggest affiliate network especially when we talk about digital products, you can find more than 100,000 products from more than 12000 vendors as It attracts a lot of merchants even small ones.pros and cons of clickbank



1.  Easy to get accepted: Most of countries are accepted and you can start your business soon without any complexities.

2.  Affiliate ID: As you get an ID card when you sign up so you can use it for more than 6000 products with no needing for registering for each product.

3.  Big commission rate: Most products have more than 50 till 75% as a commission rate, of course this is because products are often digital ones.

4.  Payment occurs regularly: You can depend on clickbank payments schedule 100% so you will get your money every week or every two weeks.

5.  Huge marketplace with lot of options: so you will not get worried from the other competitors which promoting same product.

6.  Very easy to use: and you can learn the whole process and start marketing the same day.

7.  Clickbank Has fraud prevention mechanisms: which prevent any funny tricks on you and thus reduce your refund and chargeback rate.

8.  Clickbank takes care of all your tracking payments: so you don´t need to be worried about accounts and figures.

9.  Recurring Commissions: So after you get your commission from first sale you will still get recurring commission for the future sales from same customer (the time you still get this recurring commission varies according to the merchants offer (usually 45-60 days).



1.  Scam products: This happens sometimes, but you can avoid this by selecting only the products with return rate more than 15%.

2.  First Payment: This only payment takes between 30-60 days, after that you will get your money each 7 or 15 days.

3.  E-mail marketing: this way of marketing is not allowed anymore because clickbank has a bad experience in the past.

4.  Some merchants are not worthing to promote for them: so you should research and use the filter tool to pick the good merchants/products.

5.  Some merchants ask for landing page: so you must have a real website to can post their banner or even talking about their products in a post, some merchants require your website to have a specific traffic number or specific page rank to give you the approval.


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