My Best Keyword Tool: Long Tail Pro

My Best Keyword Tool: Long Tail Pro


Talking about best keyword tool leads me to repeat this again: Traffic is
the most important issue that an affiliate is looking for, getting traffic to
your site can be obtained through SEO or PPC methods, and to do best on-page SEO or minimum cost for PPC you should find your proper keywords, which is not that easy step.

You can use what called: a Keyword Research Tool which will save your time and lead you to the best performance regarding PPC or on-page SEO.

This issue is so essential for you as an affiliate or even as a normal long tail pro keyword toolwebsite builder, i will recommend you directly to my favourite Keyword tool: Long Tail Pro keyword tool (i used it in my SEO and PPC for this site).

This tool can do a lot of tasks for you in seconds, but before starting talking in details about this amazing product i want you to remember that it is not a magical tool which will write your blogs or give you an ideas for that(in fact there is no such product can do that in real world), if you think that so please don´t pay any cent for this product as it will be a waste of money.

But if you are looking for a tool which will help you very effectively in raising your website traffic and minimizing your PPC to the bottom so i highly recommend you to buy Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool from the beginning and stop do your affiliate marketing in the long way.


What can Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool make?

Many of tasks you can perform using this tool, Long Tail Pro Tool consists of three categories or three tools:

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1.  Keyword Research:

This is similar to what can Google Planner Tool does:

A. Searching multiple keywords at same time: you can enter as much suggestion keywords(which are called Seed Keywords) and ask to generate keywords so you will get up to 800 keywords for each seed keyword with these metrics:

i. Average CPC(cost per click): It gives you an idea about the estimated cost of each click for this keyword.

ii. Competition Level: which can be Low, Medium or High.

iii. Local searches: It refers to the search amount of this keyword in the specified country (which you have selected) monthly.

B. Offers tons of long-tail keywords about any suggestion you can think of.

long tail pro keyword tool


Plus many other options which some of them not exist in GPT:

A. Pre filter keywords: you can control of these metrics:

i. Average local searches: so you can choose the high searches keyword or the low one or you can define the minimum and maximum local searches numbers.

ii. Average CPC: according to your budget or to the available cost for certain product you can show only the proper CPC keywords.

iii. Number of words: You can generate as much keywords as you want for each seed keyword.

iv. Google & Bing Title Competition

long tail pro keyword tool



B. Fetching additional data: You can specify what data you need for the generated keywords, Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool offers you these options:

i. Global Search Volume: So you will get the search volume of each keyword for your preferred country + for global.

ii. Domain Availability: You choose between exact match domains or domains availability for keywords with a hyphen added between the words (i.e.

iii. Google & Bing Title Competition: this featured metric is an important clue competition as it gives you the number of websites on Google(or Bing) that include the specified keyword in the title of their page.

long tail pro keyword tool


2. Competitor Analysis:

This amazing tool is very simple to use as you just enter any keyword you want and press the “Analyse” key so you get the first 10 websites which use this keyword  in the title of their page.

You also get many other metrics for these pages so you can decide if you will use this keyword or not depending on the competition level.

When you buy this product you will get full set of simple training video of how to get benefits  from these metrics.

long tail pro keyword tool


3. Rank Checker:

I like this tool as it saves you a lot of time and gives you directly your page rank of specified keyword for the most important engine search: Google, Yahoo and Bing

You can use this tool in two ways:

a. Looking for new keywords competitors and know in advance if you can compete with them or not ( so you change them from the beginning).

b. Checking an existing keywords rank among other websites so you can observe your website developing through time.

long tail pro keyword tool


Training on Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool:

When you sign up for this product (you can use it 10 days for free and without even asking for Credit Card information) you will get soon simple video training + daily emails + free user manual that teach you how to use it and what is the best way to find the best keywords…etc.

I can say that you need less than 1 hour to learn everything about this simple-using product.


How to Buy Long Tail Pro:

The amazing thing that you can try it for 10 days free and if you buy the higher edition of it(called Pro + Platinum) you will get 30 days for free.

You can also return this product in 60 days from purchase day so you will be 100% satisfied before you decide to keep this product.

You can buy  Long Tail pro Keyword Tool from Here.

There is also a support team which you can reach by emails if you didn´t find a reply for your question (in fact there are a bunch of information available on the web).

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