Why mailing list is very important for affiliate marketing?

Why mailing list is very important for affiliate marketing?


There are many ways to market your website, but still mailing list is the best.

In general most other ways attract the people and turn them into visitors to your site, while Mailing_listthis is good but is still not enough, most of those Visitors will not return to your site or in the best cases they will visit your site few times (when they need a certain information about an article and you offered them an unique content).

Marketing needs more than temporary visitor, it needs permanent one which is the Subscriber.

You can get these kind of visitors (i mean subscribers) using one of these two ways:

A- Social networks:

Like Facebook, Twitter, google plus…etc.
It´s great way with many advantages(will talk about in different post) but… one of its most big disadvantage is : even you have thousands of followers, how many of them will really read you posts/tweets, you can imagine that by comparing with yourself, how many pages you like or follow, and how many you really read?



B- Mailing list:

By this way you can build your own kingdom (if we can call it like this), the mailing list subscribers are the best visitors you get because of many reasons:

1- They are loyal for your site cause they themselves chose to receive your messages as they want to read your articles.

2- During time a kind of positive relation will grows up between them and between you/your site and as a result of this you can influence more and more on there decisions of buying the products they need (and you should be smart enough to give them valuable informations of your products and drive them to buy it).

3- The possibilities of buying products from subscribers are much more than with normal visitors.

4- You can (through your messages) drive a profitable campaign for certain products or for limited time (which you will get suddenly from the vendors so you can use mailing list effectively).


The more subscribers you keep, the more fixed minimum income you get.

i recommend you to read the article: Getresponse vs Aweber a complete comparison which explain the differences between the best auto responders Aweber and Getresponse.


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