Is affiliate marketing an ATM machine?

Is affiliate marketing an ATM machine?


Starting any business requires lot of preparations, studying the resources, developing a plan, hard working (especially in the beginning) and of course, it needs time.

.is affiliate marketing an ATM?

Affiliate marketing is another kind of business and it demands all these factors.

I often see lot of websites which promote for affiliate marketing as a magic way for printing money, so it´s so easy with them: you can build a site in half hour and design it in 10 minutes and make contents by copy – paste in few hours and then sit back and watch the money flows in your bank account! what an easy way to be rich! if it was like that so a 7 years old can start making money…

When you see such these ads please neglect as those are definitely fake, some of them are professional: they hire  an actor and make some youtube clips describing how they will give you the SECRET of making money online, you watch them walking around in big villa or on a yacht and wonder if you can do like them.

What i want to explain is : there is no such easy way to make a money in the real business world, you should to prepare enough and work hard to do profitable business.

In old days when competition was low (and when Google was out of this competition) there was big chance to earn money through affiliate marketing, but by time it becomes harder and needs more learning and strategies.

Lot of people started this business for a while and then stopped, because they expected to get money very soon and as this did not happened so they gave up and left the place.


To avoid being one of them try to read these tips and think deeply in before starting or stopping your business as affiliate marketer:

1 – Prepare yourself enough: search for good websites related to affiliating and read a lot of articles there.
2 – Keep your expectations ceiling low in the beginning and after a while you can get a real idea about what you can earn from your site.
3 – Be careful when choosing your niche and give this step enough time, you should love what you choose as you will spend lot of time with it, you will write many posts and reviews, you will make others believe what you write, See my article: What is the best niche for affiliate marketing site.

4 – Choose products with high margin of profit, don´t waste your time by low-profit ones, search in the best affiliate networks.
5 – Do not deal with visitors like robots or numbers, put yourself in their place, expect what they want to know and be honest when talking about your affiliate products.
6 – Try to write good content and don´t copy paste your articles as this will avoid the search engines from putting you in high rank.
7 – Deal with this business as real business: if you want to earn enough money from so you should work hard for it as a full day work and not just 2 hours a day as a hobby.
8 – Learn yourself about increasing traffic methods (SEO,PPC …etc), See my article: Increasing website traffic.

9 – Be patient: as most other private projects, you can not see the results soon, you should give your project enough time to grow up and become a profitable business.
10 – Affiliate marketing is an interesting job, very little cost, many options, working at home …etc, and it is absolutely profitable: when you do it right and give it your energy and time.


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