How to use a Keyword Tool?

How to use a Keyword Tool?


To use a Keyword Tool (or Keyword Research Tool) is to simply use a service that some specialized websites offers to help you choosing the best profitable keywords for a certain page or website.

Nowadays these tools become more helpful and have many benefits in addition to helping finding proper keywords, they can make also these services:

1. Competitors analysis.

2. Relative keywords generation.

3. Calculate keyword competitiveness.

and other options depending on the tool itself.

The simplest keyword which is free also is Google Keyword Planner which can help you in many ways to get a proper keyword/s(you must have an Adwords account first).

This tool is very helpful but still missing many other options which you can find in other pro tools like Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool  which gives you much more tools and save your time notably (read my article: My best Keyword Tool: Long Tail Pro and discover this amazing tool).



Steps to use a keyword tool to research your profitable keywords?

For me i used to start researching my proper keyword/s from the early beginning, i mean some people research for their keywords After they finish writing their articles/posts and then make the on-page SEO, this will leads for  some modifications here and there and may take longer time and efforts.

To get best results try this way(i used here Google Planner Tool) so you will get best profitable keywords + on-page SEO:

A.  Before starting writing an article/post write down what is your best possible keywords which are suitable as a title for this post, e.g when i wanted to write this article i thought about many keywords like: “what are keyword tool, keyword tool, keywords tools”.

B.  Now use any good Keyword Tool like Long Tail Tool or Google Planner.


I will start talking here about “how to research your most proper keywords” by using Google Planner for now(as it is free), but it is much better to use more developed keyword tool like Long Tail Tool.

 1. Start by making a Google Adwords account, then go to Keyword Planner as shown below):

how to use a keyword tool



 2. Choose: Search for new keywords and ad groups

how to use a keyword tool


 3. Write there the keywords (like the ones i have chosen above).

how to use a keyword tool


 4. Complete the rest options and press “Get ideas”, you will get something like this:

how to use a keyword tool



 5. As you can see here: The first schedule contains the keywords which i have chosen with the real average monthly searches and the competition level of each word(High or medium or Low).

And the second schedule contains a big number of suggested keywords depending on ours with same above metrics.

 6. Your mission now is to compare between these words and choose some of them (15-20) depending on the competition and the average searches as you will use them as meta keywords for your post (my advice here is to neglect the suggested bid even it was high).

 7. You get now your meta words, write them or save them in separate adgroup (you must have a campaign before to do that).

 8. Choose one word/phrase from these keywords which is most matched your post subject and use it as a Post Title(or a part of it), e.g i used the keyword: “Keyword Tool” in my post title as u can see because it was one of the best high quality meta keywords i found by Google Planner Tool.

 9. When you write your post try to use as much as you can from these 15-20 meta words and try to use them (especially the one you have used s a post title) in head tags (H1,…H6) as this will raise your on-page SEO.

 10. After you finish writing your post you will get On-page optimised post with proper meta keywords which you can easily use if you want to use the PPC marketing method.

 11. The keywords you have are ideal for PPC, this means that you will pay the minimum cost per click according to the big relevancy and the good choice you did before so you will save time and money.

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