How to increase your website speed?

How to increase your website speed?


Website speed gets more importance nowadays as it is considered as one of many other factors which Google considers when setting Page speed

On the other hand website speed influences the traffic in general, when a visitor of your website should wait long time to can see your homepage(or any other page) he might not have enough patience to wait and it is great chance to leave your website even before seeing anything (it happened with me too much in fact).

So as website speed influences the most two things that each affiliate or website builder in general:Traffic and Google PR so it must be take a lot of care.


Bounce Rate:

This metric measures the number of visitors that come to a certain website and leave quickly.

When bounce rate is low it means that visitors stay long when they visit the website, this signals search engines that the site is relevant and people find what they are looking for in it, this will be translated in common to a higher Page Rank.

The opposite thing happens when this rate is high which means that people are not satisfied of what they are seeing, and as a result it may injure your rank.


It is obvious that we can increase website speed by resolving issues that make it loaded slow.


Reasons that affects the website speed:

I recommend to take care of these reasons from the beginning because some of them are very hard to resolve after finishing designing the website or after making a big content.

But even if you have already a website you can do a lot to increase your website speed by resolving the most common sources of troubles.


1. Widgets & Plugins:

Widget is a small bit of software which can be installed or run on certain parts of webpage (mostly on sidebar).

There are many widgets like Categories, Archives, Calender…etc

Plugin is a software component that apply a specific feature to an existing website, it enables customization.

Each website has many plugins which help in doing many works speedy and effectively.

There are many plugins around like Facebook, Google XML Sitemap…etc.

Widgets and Plugins are important to make the website life more easy and more attractive, we can´t avoid them at all, but we must be wise to use just what we really need, delete the non-used ones, and don´t overdo when adding them to website as they increase the loading time and cause decreasing of website speed.

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2. Images:

Loading big images takes much more time than loading small ones, so when you put in your site lots of high resolution photos it will reflect on your site speed.

Avoid big images and try to make the resolution between 70-80 pixel/inch (lot of images that are existed on the net where you get it have 300 pixel/inch resolution).

And you can customize the hight and the width of those images to match your requirements( you can use Photo Shop to do that without affecting the quality).


3. Hosting provider:

Web Hosting service varies from one company to another, they offer different levels of support, bandwidth, capacity…etc.

Search for best web hosting service, read some reviews, see if they have good support that you can reach anytime…etc

You can read my article: Best Web Hosting Providers to get more information about the most known web hosting providers.


4. Coding:

If you are writing your website code you may have many poor codes here and there (this includes also HTML and CSS code problems).

These will of course make your website loading process decreases and it will take longer time from browsers to understand your code.

Finding these poor written places is not easy at all and takes a long time, this why you need to use a Page Speed Test Tool.


Page Speed Test Tools:

These tools can check your website speed, analyse your code and show you a detailed report that contains many information(it differs according to the tool):

1. Speed of your website: Your site will get a two marks of 100 points, one for desktop devices and the other for mobile devices.

2. Problems that you should fix: These problems have high priority as it affects badly on your website speed, you will be guided well to resolve each one.

3. Problems that It is better to fix: These problems have medium or low priority so you can do some of them and jump on others.


Using AffiloTools Health Check will make all the above works and will also show which areas of the code need improvement.

It can also specify issues such as missing a title tag or having too many H1 tags…etc.

The Health Check informs you what the problem is,how to resolve it and how to improve the code.

website speed



There is also Google Page Test Tool which can analyse your website also.

website speed


There are many other factors which affect the website speed that are not mentioned above, i tried to mention the most important ones.

Tools like AffiloTools can help you a lot with knowing the rest factors when you need to know them, they give you full details which you can read and start fixing yourself, otherwise you can hire some one to do that for you (you can use or to find lots of professional freelancers).

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