How to choose your Niche?

How to choose your Niche?

Learning how to choose your niche is the first thing you will do when starting your affiliate marketing website, most people are looking for by one of these two ways:

1- Search the most demanding product  and choose your niche according to that, this way is so simple as you can search the net by typing “best niche forhow to choose your niche affiliate marketing” or something like this and you will get tens of pages with “best 10 niches” or “best 18 niches” …etc.

2- Choosing from subjects which they interest in, like choosing Golf as a niche if they were professional in this game or choosing Travel if they have visited lot of countries…etc.

Each of those ways has its pros and cons, and the best is to combine them by trying to find something you like and in the same time this thing is one of those best niche which was reported in net.
I like this way a bit but i really  think it´s little shallow for these reasons:

A – If we choose our niche depending on most hot products, we can´t guarantee that these products will still be demanded in the future as many niches become not required after a period of time despite the high demand currently.
B – Same problem will happen even if you like the niche and this niche is required, as its gravity may increase by time.

So, we must understand first the niche in depth to can decide if our choice is proper and will still be lucrative in the future.
The essential idea for me is to search for the “audience needs” not the products themselves, in other words: What is the products that meet the people permanent needs?
I can give you some examples:

a – Products which offer a solution for the social problems, e.g. tips for resolving the problems between married couples), as married people will always have problems and this will never end in the future.
b – Products that tickle most people´s dreams, e.g. How can anybody earn money online? (and affiliate marketing is one from these niche), as many people are looking for someone telling them that they can do this.

Our audience should be one of these two groups:

First group which contains a big number of people so you will have large audience but at the same time you have a lot of competitors, e.g. a group of fat people which are looking for reducing their weight.
Second group which contains a small number of people so you have a small audience but you have also small number of competitors.

I recommend strongly targeting the second group for many reasons:

1 – Even the number was a little but the real number of visitors is same or higher, e.g. if the first group audience number was 1000 and the competitors were 100 so your visitors will be 10, and if the second group was only 200 and the competitors were 10 so your visitors will be 20 which is double quantity.
2 – You can control your specified niche more than the general one, you can read everything about and become a Master, while it is too hard to do that with the general topics as there are many big Masters there.
3 – The profit margin is much bigger for the small group than the big one.

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