Best 5 tips – How to choose a domain name?

Best 5 tips – How to choose a domain name?


Knowing how to choose a domain name for your website is an important procedure and must not be neglected at all, it is similar to choose a company name may be more to choose a domain name

Why more? because domain name is the ONLY address of your job where can people visit you and see your products, this name should hold many attributes which will help you in getting more traffic and be more memorable.

Here are some tips which can help you to pick your best domain name:


1- Easy Typing:

Avoid complex or multi spellings which make people do mistake when writing it (like  xpress instead of express). Avoid slang (like u instead of you).


2- No Numbers or Hyphens:

Using numbers in domain names may cause misunderstanding for some people as when they hear your domain name they will not know if you mean the numeral (8) or the spelled out (eight). Using hyphens may also makes a confusion when writing the domain name address so if it was: so the possibility to write it: is so big. And another point is: search engines prefer non-hyphenated domain names.


3- Short is better:

The longer domain name you have the bigger effort to remember it from people, and the more possibility to make mistyping.

Avoid long and complex name, people prefer short and simple name, it looks like brand or something unique while long names (especially some which are so long) give the feeling that the website is cheap.

The problem here that most Good Domain Names has taken and it is so hard to find a good simple and short one, but at least you can follow these  tips:

Don´t use more than 3 words (2 or one is much better) and when you use 3 words try to choose simple relevant words.

Don´t use more than 20 characters (even it was just 2 words not more).


4- Use .com extension:

There are lot of extensions which you can use according to the subject of the website:

.com for commercial sites like companies and commerce.

.edu for educational sites like universities and schools.

.info for informational sites.

.net for technical sites.

.org for non-commercial sites.

.biz for commercial or business sites.

.me for blogs or personal sites.

In spite of above the best extension i recommend you to use is .COM, this because of many things like:

Very popular and most people try to memorise only the first part of the domain name, in fact they assume that the extension will be .com.

More trustworthy than other extensions.


5- Use Keywords:

Unless you have a famous brand name like Ford or Apple it is strongly recommended using keywords which describes the content of the website, so if your website is talking about repairing the gardens so the domain name will be or something like that.

Using keywords will help you in two ways:

Raising your page rank (even this raising is not permanent) so the traffic will increase too.

People will remember it easily.

Your site will be more reachable as people usually search for keywords instead of domains so when your domain name matches with its keyword so it will get better chance.


Additional tips on how to choose a domain name:

1- A memorable domain name: so try to make it catchy and easy to remember.

2- Don´t make it generic name: As most of people will not search for a web called when they are looking for certain mobile, instead they will search for their demands directly (like iPhone or Samsung), so try to be more specific.

3- Research the domain name: And be sure that it is not a trade marked or copyrighted, as this will cause you big problem in the future.

4- Protect your domain name by buying other extensions: You may want to protect your domain name more by buying other extensions (like .info, .biz, org…etc) to avoid competitors from using your domain name and redirect visitors toward them, may be you could do that when you have a well-known/high traffic website.

5- Register Your domain name quickly: If you choose your domain and like it so try to register it quickly as domain names sells quickly.


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