When i tried first time to start an affiliate website i searched by net and found many related websites which talking about this business.

The problem that i wanted an website which can guide me as a beginner and lead me step by step showing me how to make an unique affiliate website.

There are many sites which teach how to make a normal website but i was searching for an Affiliate Website Building Guide.

In spite of that it is similar steps but there are many different steps which you, as an affiliate, must know from the beginning.

This was the reason why i created affiliatebesttips.com which is simply: A guide for beginners which learn them all things relates to Building an Affiliate Website.

I write all the articles in this website myself.

As an affiliate i make money from some links in this website (affiliate links)

I described this in Disclaimer page.

I divide this process into 4 steps:

The first step is Choosing a Niche which is very important for the affiliate so he must take care of very early as he can´t retreat after that unless he lose a lot of time and efforts.


The second step is Building an website which is divided itself into three steps, this step is almost the same when you build a normal website.


The third step is Finding offers and adding ads links which is totally belongs to affiliate business.


And the last step(the fourth) is Increasing website Traffic where you can learn a lot about this very important step which will determine your business success.

There are also lots of separate blogs which are talking about  above points with deeper and wider ideas.

I know that i didn´t cover everything about this big material, so please don´t hesitate to send me your comment or your inquiry if there is any and i will be glad to help you.