Increasing Website Traffic


The target of most websites and of all affiliate websites is: making people visit their websites so the possibility of buying their products will be raised.

This leads us to say that increasing website traffic is the most important thing you will still do and develop in your working life as affiliate marketer.

We have two kinds of traffic:


1- SEO (Search engine optimisation):

Which called also natural traffic or organic traffic, in other way you will not pay for it as it increases naturally. Search engines (like google, bing…etc) decide about this depending on many factors, the more SEO your site has the more rank will got on the search results pages. increasing  website trafficYou can not control this process directly but there are lot of things to affect it positively. In General cases SEO is the biggest source of traffic and the good point is it is totally free.

As you can notice when you search by search engines that visitor interests only in the first two or three pages (or may be just the first page) so to have high rank your site needs to be in these first pages (it calls SERPs = Search Engine Results Pages). To do this you should take care of two things:

Off-page factors: include having links from other sites which must be relevant to your topic and these websites are popular enough to give your site more traffic.

The most important thing here is that these links must be created naturally, i mean you will not make them but your visitors will do this, it´s an important thing as some sites offer selling these links so you should avoid them(i will write an article about this point).

On-page factors: include Keywords on your site pages (meta words), suitable use of Headers and correct linking.

The good point in SEO is this way is free. but the bad one is it takes long time and lot of work to can achieve your goal.

Well, there is many ways to raise your SEO, but my advice is the most important thing you should take care of is the CONTENT, so even it takes more time with SEO but when you have significant content you can guarantee that traffic will increase by time.


2- PPC (Pay-Per-Click):

increasing website traffic

It is the second way to get traffic where you use a service from the search engines (like adWords from Google) and there you bid on certain keywords and you will only pay when someone clicks on your site ad.


a. As you can expect this way is quick and you may see result in the same day of starting a campaign while you need long time to make this in SEO method.

b. Less work and time so you can focus on another things like adding content…etc.

c. Full control of the campaign which includes choosing your ads appearance and analysing the information and the results..etc.

Cons. Of course the main cons of this method is that it is not free like SEO. Also you still need unique content for your site even you use PPC.

I recommend you to use PPC in the first period of launching your site (if you have the budget for this) and in the same time take care of increasing your rank by SEO.

Note: for SEO and PPC methods you need to find your best keywords to can save your time and money, i strongly recommend you to read my articles: What are Keywords?, How to use a Keyword Tool? and My Best Keyword Tool: Long Tail Pro.


3- While PPC and SEO are the main roads for increasing traffic to website there is still another ways to get more traffic which are very important and you should not neglect them otherwise a lot of traffic you will miss out.

These ways include:

A – Use Email Newsletter service: you can raise your traffic amazingly by using this method as your visitor will be subscriber to your site so you will not lose them, instead you will make them loyal to your site.

Many companies offer this service(and offers many services in same package) like: which is one of the best according to its simple use and the professional appearance. also very good auto responder and is similar to Aweber, take a look to my article: Getresponse vs Aweber a complete comparison.

B – Using articles directories to submit your article:  you can use these articles:directories:,,,,

There are some websites which give you the ability to speed up this process by submitting your article to other directories in short time :

C – Posting on other websites forums and blogs.


    So i can summarise what i mentioned above as following:

1.  When you finish building your site the first thing you have to do is creating GWT (Google Webmaster Tools Account) to inform google about your site, you can do that by pressing here.

2.  After this set up your Sitemap (which lists all of your web pages), you can do that (if you are using WordPress) by adding All in One SEO plugin or Yoast plugin, it will make everything automatically.

3.  Start increasing your site traffic by SEO or PPC (or both) methods.

4.  Build direct traffic by:

   a- Newsletter marketing (Aweber, GetResponse …etc), take a look at: Why mailing list is important for affiliate marketing?.

   b- Building social networks (facebook, Tweeter…etc).

   c- Promote your site through article directories.

5.  Add unique content continuously and be attention to the keywords (meta words) and the headers and the links …etc.

6.  Update your site always and recheck ads  as some ads can expire.

7.  Choose the profitable ads by take a look on most affiliate network and compare what they offer.

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