Finding offers and Adding ads links


Now you have a website which you can write on articles about the niche you have chosen before, it is time to search for matching products on affiliate programs.

finding offers for affiliate Please read the article: Types of affiliate programs before going on.

You should take a look at some of affiliate programs and compare products to can choose the most profitable product which matches your niche.

It is better to register in more than one network and program and still observing the products from time to time, this will guarantee that you always do make the best profit.

I recommend to register in at least 2 affiliate networks and 2 CPA programs.

After registering you will get an ID which refers to you, log in and search for a product/s and when you find it choose it and follow the instructions so you will be given a special link which is called: Referral Link.

Referral link contains the vendor´s website address, but in this link you can notice your ID too.

You will put this link in your website while talking about matching niche and will recommend the product which this link refers to.

When a visitor clicks on this link and buys the product you will get a percentage of the product price.

But how will the vendor knows that this product was sold through you?
Yes, absolutely… the ID which hides in the referral link will tell the vendor that you was the good merchant!

Your success depends on making your visitors satisfying that you are not looking after there money and just submit announcements, but they must feel that you offer them real and useful content with valuable tips.

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