Building a Website


Building an affiliate website is technically the same as  building a website site (i mean normal website)… well, there are some differences or rather additions.


The principle of building affiliate website comes mainly from the main idea: the Niche.

So after selecting proper Niche and make sure that it works (i mean there are many profitable products existing in the Affiliate Network) we shall choose an appropriate name for this site (a domain name) which should reflect the spirit of the site.

After choosing the right name it is time for registering it  through reservation services and then we will choose the web hosting provider.

Lots of work, right! in fact it is easy but it should be made sequentially, so forget everything i said and let´s start from the beginning:

.building a website


Building website´s steps:

1- Choose a domain name and register it: Go to: Choosing & Registering domain name and follow the steps there.

2- Signing up web hosting: Go to: Sign up web hosting and follow the instructions.

3- Build the website itself (the basic content): Go to: Building a basic content of the website and make all steps there.

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